Welcome to BODY INSIGHT AnjaK! You are looking for a mindful workout, personal training, sensitive movement and strength from deep within – everything combined in a holistic approach? Then I would be very happy to meet you and accompany you on your path.

BODY-INSIGHTPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Pilates Reformer The Allegro reformer is the "heart" of the Pilates training. It allows for exceptional posture and movement quality – improving your strength, concentration and coordination while simply being a lot of fun.

PilatesPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Yoga Mindfulness is the key to change. Breathing is the key from your outside to your inside. Consciousness is the key to yourself. Yoga is your key to a relaxed everyday life.

YogaPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Smartspine Pilates combined with soothing warmth – providing well-being, alignment of your spine and relaxation of your shoulder and neck area. We will ease the everyday columns off your spine, strengthen your sensory perception and increase the overall performance of your body and your mind.

SmartSpinePrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Shiatsu Shiatsu means fingerprint and is based on a traditional Japanese healing massage technique. Together we will release your tensions, slow down your everyday life and let your energy flow more freely.

ShiatsuPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Pilates Pre Natal Pregnancy and childbirth bring great joys, but also big challenges. Together we will train your self-awareness and build up your inner strength – making you and your body well prepared for giving birth.

PregnancyPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Pilates Post NatalTogether we will improve your self-perception and strengthen your inner muscles to create a pleasant overall body experience.

Young MotherPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Prevention Physical and mental health are the most important qualities of a long and fulfilled life. Let’s preserve your health with this holistic body training.

PreventionPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Tango & Bodywork With natural flowing movements, we will utilize your own body weight and the interplay between tension and relaxation to move in harmony with the music and further develop your personal power of expression.

TangoPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Teacher Training You are interested in Pilates and would like to become a professional teacher or broaden your knowledge as a teacher and trainer? You’ve come to the right place – contact me!

TrainingPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin

Retreat Together we will take a spiritual break – exploring new ways to master your everyday life while guiding your body, mind and spirit back to balance.

RetreatPrenzlauer Berg | Berlin


Body Insight

Every journey to health and fitness is different. This is why I am dedicating myself to master your individual personal challenges and goals in highly customized in personal training or duett lessons.

Whether you just want to take more time for yourself and your body, want to overcome posture problems, tensions or limitations in your movement, are athletically interested, pregnant, a young mother, a professional performer or want to become a Pilates teacher – with yoga, Pilates, shiatsu and body therapy we will reach your individual goals and strengthen your overall sense of well-being in a relaxed atmosphere.

The result will equip you with powerful tools that are easy to use in your everyday life, empowering you to handle even the toughest times with inner ease and confidence.

I am very much looking forward to join you on your journey!


Body Insight


is a gentle yet precise method of strengthening your deep muscles, refining your perception, optimizing your posture and improving your overall movement quality. For every age – from beginners, to experts!


helps you gain better concentration, mindful breathing and more respect for yourself, your own body and the people around you. We will concentrate on strength, stretching, relaxation, movement flow as well as how to connect and keep a healthy of your everyday life.

Pilates for pregnant women and mothers

pregnancy, childbirth and life as a mother bring great joys and great challenges at the same time. Together we will improve your self-perception, stimulate your muscle tone, strengthen your inner muscles and create a pleasant body overall experience with a holistic training program.


will make you master the practice of emptiness. Get to know your mind, free yourself from entrenched behavior patterns and rediscover your everyday life with a whole new quality of mindfulness.


is a traditional form of body therapy developed in Japan. With this system of energetic bodywork, we will support you in recharging your energy and increasing your energy flow to free yourself from pent-up and stuck emotions.


is Pilates combined with soothing warmth – providing well-being, alignment of your spine and relaxation of your shoulder and neck area. We will ease the everyday columns off your spine, strengthen your sensory perception and increase the overall performance of your body and your mind.

Pilates teacher training

is offered by me in comfortable small groups. It includes Pre- and Pilates mat exercises and relevant lessons of practical knowledge in order for you to become a well-rounded teacher.


is based entirely on your natural body movement. This way, we will restore your body coordination and develop your personal power of expression.

Pilates / Yoga therapy

is a health-oriented lifestyle concept for those who suffer from pain every day, had severe injuries or other special conditions. What is different about my approach is that you learn how to activate your self-healing powers in order to recover faster – anytime and anywhere.

Body psychotherapy

is a journey to your inner most self. We will immerse ourselves in different emotional states to find out what really matters in the now and what is only a tenacious shadow of the past. This way, you will be able to better understand your own behavior, more clearly recognize the origin of your beliefs and dissolve your emotional blockages.

The "BALLance" concept

Working with the BALLance balls is pure relief for the muscles of the back and the intervertebral discs. The back can be mobilized and elongated in a very gentle way. Fixed vertebral segments can be deblocked and tensions released. Lightness, rest, posture, breathing and sleep are positively influenced and holistic changes are quickly perceived.

Systemic kinesiology taping

A holistic approach to a problem, which is not just about the pain issue. Body, mind and soul are central elements involved in this taping treatment. Kinesiology is the diagnostic method with which muscle tests can detect and treat dysfunctions. As a result: Stimuli are inhibited and stimulated, muscle tone is regulated, passive support for damaged tendons or ligaments and pain can be reduced.

About me

Anja Kursawe


I am a native and widely travelled personal trainer and teacher in the field of Pilates and yoga, Tango, Zen- Shiatsu and body psychotherapy from Berlin.

My passion for the body in movement began as a young acrobat in East Berlin and led me to study dance in London. Next to the rigid dance training I became more and more interested in gentle methods like Pilates and Yoga in 1990. Numerous advanced trainings in Pilates, Yoga, body therapy, psychotherapy and many other areas followed and my fascination for the interplay between body and mind grew strong.

My method is based on the basic principles and philosophies of Pilates, Yoga and Shiatsu – but reaches far beyond that. Thanks to my interdisciplinary knowledge and over 15 years of experience of supporting people from different fields of life, I am able to recognize the most important resources and challenges and can cater to them intuitively and individually.

Deeply touched, proud and with a great sense of responsibility I received the NEOS AWARD 2017 in the female category best personal trainer.

"The constant deepening of our body awareness, the ambition of living a more conscious life, the further empowerment of our mind are part of a journey that never ends. If we remain open in our hearts and with ourselves we have the opportunity to rediscover the very essence that makes us who we are."


I recommend an initial analysis, in order to meet your full needs and give you the most effective training. This is the basis to offer you tailor-made personal training. All prices include a 10 minute neck and shoulder shiatsu, tea or water.
Please bring comfortable clothing, fresh socks and doctor papers if I request them.

What Content Duration in min. Price Plus 19% Vat

Initial analysis

Amnese, posture and gait analysis, training or treatment and shiatsu


100/120 €

2 Practitioners
150/170 €

Yoga / Pilates, Oov, Reformer, SmartSpine

Preventation, well being, fitness, strength, stretching and relaxation


1 P 90 €
5 P 428 €
10 P 810 €

Duo p. P.
1 D 50 €
5 D 238 €
10 D 450 €

Bodyinsight clinic/Yoga,-Pilates,- Shiatsutherapie

Rehabilitatives Training and treatment


1 P 90 €
3 P 262 €
5 P 428 €

1 D 50 €
3 D 145 €
5 D 238 €

BALLance concepts

Balls by Dr. Tanja Kühne, specially developed to improve posture and back problems.


1 Trial Class 65 € +
5 P 425 €
10 P 765 €

5 D 237 €
10 D 427 €

1 BALLset


140 €


Shiatsu 50-60

1 P 70 € +
3 P 204 € +
5 P 330 € +
(also available for two)

Body psychotherapy

Talk, connecting with emotions, Therapeutical work and bodywork


Initial consultation: 65 €
1 P 75 €
3 P 218 €
5 P 356 €

Kinesiological tape



1 P 80 €

Home program

Creation of an individual program, plus individual exercise booklet


3 P 360 €
5 P 570 €

Home visit

after an initial analysis at the studio


Personal 130-160 €
Duo 200 €

Tango and body

Tango technique and bodywork

60 Personal
1 P 60 +
5 P 285 +
Duo p. P.
1 P 40 +
5 P 190 +

Teacher training and continuing education

You are interested in Pilates and would like to become a professional teacher or broaden your knowledge as a teacher and trainer? My aim is to give you a full comprehensive training in the field of Pilates and beyond. You will study in small groups or in a one to one setting.

Content: Theory, Practice, Anatomy, Teaching technique, Independent study hours, Teaching trials, observation hours, assistance hours, personal advising, Marketing, tutorials. You will learn an exercise program but more over you will understand how to create movement and how to break it down or advance it and you get a better understanding about your body and yourself.

The internalizing of the main principles of Pilates, Anatomie and teaching technique will provide you a clear tools for your teaching. You will be thought how to use your voice, eyes and hands on in order to assist your clients best.

BALLance-concept meets intelligent bodywork-further education

  • 16/02/2019 8 hrs

Pilates teacher - Basic education

  • 13/03/2019-28.02.2020


Together we will take a break – exploring new ways to master your everyday life while guiding your body, mind and spirit back to balance.

Allow you to take a break in order to reorganize and make the best out of your precious time on earth. We will leave everything behind us and retreat to a beautiful place where yoga, Pilates, meditation, massages, healthy food and the beauty of nature invites you to rediscover the very essence of your inner self.

A Retreat will help you to withdraw from everyday life, look at your habits from a distance and recognize what is essential for a good life quality.


ELYSIA 3rd Yoga Convention, Greece, Amorgos island

  • 29/03-04/04/2019


  • 228/10-5/10/2019


"Working with Anja, I experience inner stability, strength and peace – all of which are very important for me as an actress and a mother in my private and professional life. My body posture and shape feels more upright and better toned. Anja is an artist sparking lots of spontaneity and creativity that she uses to individually cater to my personal needs and we laugh a lot together. With her I am able to take a break from everyday life and build up new strength to master the challenges of life."

A. Griesbach

"After many years of complications, including surgery and movement restrictions on my knee, I felt that my body had let me down for good. To my surprise and thanks to Anja, I could built more strength and agility than I could imagine having ever again. My knee pain is finallly a thing of the past! Whether I’m doing Pilates, yoga or shiatsu – Anja has given me back the confidence that I’m able to get past even the most unfortunate setbacks."

M. Camps


Please contact me with any question you may have, for advice and to make an appointment. I am looking forward in meeting you and creating change together.

Contact Anja Kursawe

Email: bodyinsightanjak@gmail.com